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Beckenbauer tips drones to fulfil role of referees

Could this really be the future for refereeing?
Bayern Munich honorary president Franz Beckenbauer believes that referees will eventually be replaced by drones as the use of technology grows in football.

The Bundesliga has approved the use of goal-line technology for the 2015-16 season onwards, following its successful deployment in the Premier League this term.

But Beckenbauer feels even referees could ultimately become obsolete as the game embraces more and more technological advances, believing drones could soon be hovering over the pitch to officiate games.

"We are living in a century that's all about technology. We all know that it doesn't end with goal-line technology," Beckenbauer told Sky90.

"At some point, we won't even need a referee any more. Drones will be keeping an eye on whatever happens on the pitch at some point.

"I genuinely think this is the future. I won't be alive when it happens, though, so it's up to other people to fight it.

"This isn't something that's been discussed at Fifa. It's just a personal idea of me."

A majority of 15 clubs in the German top flight voted in favour of the use of video technology in goal-line decisions, after it was introduced in the World Cup in 2012 and the Premier League for the 2013-14 season.
POSTED: 2014-12-08

Troubling Trend: Violence Against Sports Referees Only Seems To Be Getting Worse

HBO's Real Sports has covered the topic of violence against referees, but the program is taking another look it in its latest edition. Unfortunately, it's not to report that progress has been made. It's the opposite as another soccer referee was killed while working a match.
This troubling trend is documented in the episode that premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Here's a preview:
POSTED: 2014-12-01


Congratulations to SOC Board Member David Weicker who has just been appointed  by the IAAF as the Chief Judge Photo Finish for the World Relay Championships (May 2015) and World Indoor Championships (March 2016).
POSTED: 2014-11-20

Give the Gift of Knowledge from Human Kinetics Canada

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POSTED: 2014-11-20

Human Kinetics Canada Book of the Season Now Available

Featured Book of the Season:
Successful Sports Officiating will help prepare aspiring and inexperienced officials for the rigors of the job. Written by leading experts in the officiating field—boasting experience at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels—this second edition has been completely revised and updated and includes new chapters on the current state of officiating, officiating as a career, and mental training. Enlightening discussions on developing an officiating philosophy and the psychology of officiating help you understand what it takes to be a successful official beyond just knowing the rules and mechanics. To see more click here
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POSTED: 2014-10-03

Do Referees Face Liability for Their Decisions in Sports Contests?

The doctrine of assumption of risk is a familiar one in the sports-torts arena. The general rule is that an athlete assumes the normal, commonly appreciated risks associated with playing his or her particular sport. It cannot be used to protect against reckless or intentional conduct or concealed or unreasonably increased risks, however. For example, a pitcher lobbing fastballs from behind a pitching screen nonetheless accepts the risk that his teammate batting could hit a ball right back at him. A wrestler assumes the risk that he could acquire a skin disease from close contact with another wrestler. A softball player in a municipal league assumes the risk of injury from slipping on a concrete pathway adjacent to the outfield when running to catch a ball. While the assumption of risk doctrine is a frequent subject of litigation relating to injured athletes and their attempts to hold the venue owner—which is often a school district—responsible, there is a paucity of cases related to athletes seeking to hold officials governing their match, game, or meet responsible for their injuries.
POSTED: 2014-09-05


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