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About Sports Officials Canada

Sports Officials Canada (SOC) is a federally incorporated national organization dedicated to promoting excellence in sports officiating and strives to represent Canadian technical officials as a national voice. The organization has been successful in promoting the objects of the organization by providing input to national and regional sport policy conferences.  SOC.has provided active representation in the following organizations/groups:

  • Canadian Strategy for Ethical Conduct in Sport - Steering Committee
  • Sport Matters Group
  • National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) - U.S.A.
  • Officiating Development Alliance (ODA) - U.S.A.
  • Long Term Officiating Development (LTOD) Working Group


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Do Referees Face Liability for Their Decisions in Sports Contests?

The doctrine of assumption of risk is a familiar one in the sports-torts arena. The general rule is that an athlete assumes the normal, commonly appreciated risks associated with playing his or her particular sport. It cannot be used to protect against reckless or intentional conduct or concealed or unreasonably increased risks, however. For example, a pitcher lobbing fastballs from behind a pitching screen nonetheless accepts the risk that his teammate batting could hit a ball right back at him. A wrestler assumes the risk that he could acquire a skin disease from close contact with another wrestler. A softball player in a municipal league assumes the risk of injury from slipping on a concrete pathway adjacent to the outfield when running to catch a ball. While the assumption of risk doctrine is a frequent subject of litigation relating to injured athletes and their attempts to hold the venue owner—which is often a school district—responsible, there is a paucity of cases related to athletes seeking to hold officials governing their match, game, or meet responsible for their injuries.


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