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Membership Information

New Provincial Sports Organizations/Municipal Sport Councils/Clubs Associate Membership

Sports Officials Canada (SOC) now offers a bulk registration program for our iMembership Program with lots of bonus features.  We have also initiated a special Associate membership program directed towards Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO) and Municipal Sport Councils (MSC).  This new PSO/MSC Associate membership will provide access to the activities of SOC including the annual Professional Development Conference at a reduced rate.  Currently SOC has three levels of membership:  National Sport Organization (Voting Member), Associate Membership (Non-Voting Member) and two categories of iMembership (Individual Membership) – Basic & Enhanced (includes the SOC "gap" insurance program).

Whether you choose to join as an Associate Member or not, PSOs, Sport Councils, clubs and leagues will now be able to bulk register their individual officials at a prorated discount based on the number you register:  
< 50               $10.00     per member
   50 - 75          $9.75     per member
   76 - 125        $9.50      per member    
   126 - 200      $9.25      per member
> 200              $9.00      per member

Classes of Memberhip/Partnership

Under the new NFP Act, there is one class of membership within SOC.  These are the Voting Members.  Other classes are now referred to as Partners.

  1. The Voting Members shall be the representative of each of those who apply for membership and are accepted by the board to represent:
    - an officials association of a national sport organization; or
    - an officials association of a professional sport organization.
  2. The Associate Partners shall be those individuals or representatives of organizations that are interested in promoting the objects and the work of the SOC and apply for membership and are accepted by the board.
  3. The Individual Partners (iPartners) shall be those individuals that are interested in promoting the objects and the work of the SOC

Membership/Partnership Fees

Member/Partner fees for the various classes shall be set by the Board of Directors, as determined from time to time.
Voting Members - $100.00
National Associate Partners - $50.00
PSO/MSC/Club Associate Partners - $40.00
Basic Individual Partners - $10.00
Enhanced Individual Partners (includes Insurance) $26.00

View / download the membership application in PDF format

View / download the Individual membership application in PDF format



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Bill would boost penalties for battery on sports officials

By Caitlin Soard (
INDIANAPOLIS — An East Chicago legislator wants to boost penalties for battery against a sports official but a key lawmaker says the change may not be necessary.
Democratic Sen. Lonnie Randolph, the author of Senate Bill 134, wants to increase the charge from a misdemeanor to a felony.
Under the proposed law, throwing bodily fluids on a sports official while the defendant had knowledge of having HIV, hepatitis or tuberculosis could result in up to six years of jail time. Six years is nearly triple the current maximum punishment of 30 months.


Vancouver Island hockey parents told to shut up, or get out

The Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association is threatening to kick hockey moms and dads out of the stands after rampant abuse of both players and referees by some spectators.
VIAHA president Jim Humphrey issued the ultimatum in a letter he posted to the association’s website last Friday.
In it, Humphrey said that the “problem of spectators abusing on-ice officials and players during minor hockey games has become such a serious issue that VIAHA Executive Committee members are considering a ‘Spectator Free Weekend.’”
The Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association said spectator harassment is so vicious it's losing referees.


‘You cannot be serious!’ A look at this summer’s elite sports officials (AU)

Republished from “The Conversation” (AU)
Sports-mad Australians are in the middle of a busy summer of world-class sport. We’re currently gripped by football frenzy as the best players in Asia ply their craft in the Asian Cup. The world’s richest cricket team, India, has just lost to Australia in a four-Test series and the world’s best tennis players are currently spotted around our major cities. And not to be forgotten, cricket’s summer finishes with the World Cup.
The stakes are high. Most of the sports mentioned are operating under tournament conditions, where each game is vital and players are under pressure to perform and make the winning play. But more than just players and coaches are under scrutiny. With a summer of quality sporting talent on display, it is worth considering that we also have world-class officials – referees, umpires and judges – testing their skills and, often, operating under more scrutiny than any single player.

Officiating is a rewarding but thankless job in professional sport. Criticism occurs routinely and praise is often an afterthought.....


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