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Membership Information

New Provincial Sports Organizations/Municipal Sport Councils/Clubs Associate Membership

Sports Officials Canada (SOC) now offers a bulk registration program for our iMembership Program with lots of bonus features.  We have also initiated a special Associate membership program directed towards Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO) and Municipal Sport Councils (MSC).  This new PSO/MSC Associate membership will provide access to the activities of SOC including the annual Professional Development Conference at a reduced rate.  Currently SOC has three levels of membership:  National Sport Organization (Voting Member), Associate Membership (Non-Voting Member) and two categories of iMembership (Individual Membership) – Basic & Enhanced (includes the SOC "gap" insurance program).

Whether you choose to join as an Associate Member or not, PSOs, Sport Councils, clubs and leagues will now be able to bulk register their individual officials at a prorated discount based on the number you register:  
< 50               $10.00     per member
   50 - 75          $9.75     per member
   76 - 125        $9.50      per member    
   126 - 200      $9.25      per member
> 200              $9.00      per member

Classes of Memberhip/Partnership

Under the new NFP Act, there is one class of membership within SOC.  These are the Voting Members.  Other classes are now referred to as Partners.

  1. The Voting Members shall be the representative of each of those who apply for membership and are accepted by the board to represent:
    - an officials association of a national sport organization; or
    - an officials association of a professional sport organization.
  2. The Associate Partners shall be those individuals or representatives of organizations that are interested in promoting the objects and the work of the SOC and apply for membership and are accepted by the board.
  3. The Individual Partners (iPartners) shall be those individuals that are interested in promoting the objects and the work of the SOC

Membership/Partnership Fees

Member/Partner fees for the various classes shall be set by the Board of Directors, as determined from time to time.
Voting Members - $100.00
National Associate Partners - $50.00
PSO/MSC/Club Associate Partners - $40.00
Basic Individual Partners - $10.00
Enhanced Individual Partners (includes Insurance) $26.00

View / download the membership application in PDF format

View / download the Individual membership application in PDF format



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Shortage of Officials hits everyone

Nevada Looks To Recruit Officials For High School Sports
As the 2015 football season prepares to kick off, high schools across Nevada face a threat to their athletic programs – a lack of officials to work their games.
And the shortage is not just in football. Every high school sport in Nevada is affected.
Jay Beesemyer is the assistant director of the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association.
He said a lot of factors have contributed to the shortfall in officials from the economy to background checks. However, he believes the biggest problem is the lack of young officials.
"We haven't had a real influx of young officials in the last half a dozen years that's probably the biggest reason we're falling short these days," Beesemyer said.
He said the organization isn't really asking why it is happening it is just trying to find the officials it needs for football, volleyball and soccer this fall.
Beesemyer cited surveys of officials that pointed to their treatment by fans, parents, coaches and players as the reason so many referees leave, but he believes that is just part of the job and part of the challenge.

Union possible for some US Lacrosse Officials

In a ruling that could have repercussions across high school athletics in Pennsylvania, a regional director for the National Labor Relations Board ruled July 30 that high school lacrosse referees in Districts Seven and Eight are employees of the PIAA rather than independent contractors.

As a result, the lacrosse referees in those southwestern Pennsylvania districts are now eligible to be represented by a union, and an election will be held by mail ballot from Aug. 24 to Sept. 14.

A vote of 51 percent in favor of the move is needed to form a union.

The PIAA on Friday filed an appeal to the NLRB to review the decision of the regional director, Nancy Wilson, who made the ruling.


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